Executive Commission

    The Iglesia Filipina Independiente has the General Assembly as the highest governing body that meets every three years. The Executive Commission is mandated by the General Assembly to act on its behalf, when not in session, on matters ordinarily within its jurisdiction. The Executive Commission meets regularly during the ad interim period.

    The Obispo Maximo presides as ex-officio Chairperson of the Executive Commission. Other members include the Chairperson of the National Lay Council, as ex-officio vice-chairperson; the General Secretary, as ex-officio secretary; the chairpersons of the Commission on Programs and Projects and the Commission on Business and Finance; five bishops elected by the Supreme Council of Bishops, five priests elected by the Council of Priests; and the three presidents of the national sectoral organizations of the men, women and youth of the Church.

    Two other elected officers of the Church, the General Treasurer and General Auditor, are given permanent invitation by the Executive Commission to join during regular meetings. They are permitted to deliberate but not granted with the right to vote.





    The Most Rev. Ephraim S. Fajutagana

    Obispo Maximo


    The Rt. Rev. Joselito T. Cruz

    General Secretary


    Mr. Saturnino C. Garvida

    General Treasurer


    Mr. Reynaldo R. Evangelista

    Auditor General


    The Rt. Rev. Dr. Vic Esclamado

    Chairperson, Supreme Council of Bishops


    The Rt. Rev. Vermilion C. Tagalog

    Chairperson, North-Central Luzon Bishops Conference


    The Rt. Rev. Ronelio V. Fabriquier

    Chairperson, South-Central Luzon Bishops Conference


    The Rt. Rev. Felomino N. Ang

    Chairperson, Visayas Bishops Conference


    The Rt. Rev. Delfin D. Callao, Jr.

    Chairperson, Mindanao Bishops Conference


    The Rev. Virgilio B. Amihan II

    Chairperson, Council of Priests


    The Rev. Lorenzo Anievas

    Governor General, National Priests Organization


    The Rev. Allan C. Caparro

    Representative, COP Visayas


    The Rev. Gilbert G. Garcia

    Representative, COP North-Central Luzon


    The Rev. Emma Catubig

    Representative, COP Mindanao


    Mr. Pepito Pico

    Chairperson, National Lay Council


    Mr. Danny Megia

    National President, Laymen of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente


    Atty. Luisita L. Agbayani

    National President, Women of the Philippine Independent Church


    Mr. Ronald Jacalan

    National President, Youth of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente


    Mr. Jerry M. Navarrete

    Chairperson, Commission on Business and Finance


    Most Rev. Tomas A. Millamena

    Chairperson, Commission on Programs and Projects